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Growing the solar industry through initiatives that unlock solar data

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PV 2.0 is a member-driven association that grows the solar industry through initiatives that unlock solar data. The first initiative is to develop, test, and furnish the solar industry with a standard API interface to be utilized in all system components with integrated communication capabilities. By employing standardization, members can leverage big data for a number of benefits. With greater access to and understanding of solar data, companies across the value chain can improve the performance, price, and market size of solar.

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The Solar Evolution

Hundreds of thousands of solar projects are installed across the world, yet solar providers rarely have enough information to field questions about reliability, bankability, and project performance. Companies across the industry collect large silos of data which cannot be easily shared or cross-analyzed. This is slowing solar adoption. By unlocking solar data, the industry can better calculate risk and improve business operations across the spectrum of technologies and services.

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Who is PV 2.0?

PV 2.0 members represent the entire solar industry: system owners, banks, financiers, insurance companies, monitoring solutions providers, utility energy providers, manufacturers, operations & maintenance service providers, project developers, and government agencies. Through PV 2.0, these organizations come together to launch initiatives to solve shared problems.

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